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Digital Transformation for Innovation and Disruption

In today’s world, the phrases of innovation, disruption, and transformation are heavily interlinked and go hand in hand with each other. With the increased collaboration between IT and business functions, the objective to drive digital transformation (DX) is not to simply innovate and gain competitive advantage, but more importantly to disrupt the status quo in one’s favor. The motivation for DX has gone beyond the internal needs to impact the wider ecosystem. DX has emerged to be a stepping stone to meliorate customer experience, optimization of resources, drive innovation, and most importantly improving top and bottom line of businesses. The business organization always have a vision on what they would like to achieve; however, it is the IT organization that needs to step up and enable the business to accomplish that vision. IT is possibly the most critical pillar in this transformation, as well as to drive innovation by leveraging third platform technologies, i.e. cloud, mobility, big data, and social. The session provides a view on the role of DX in today’s market, trends, best practices, and strategies that IT leaders can adopt to sail on their organizations’ DX journey.

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Digital Transformation: Panel Discussion



Session 1: Digital Analytics: Real time to Real Business Impact

The analytics adoption in the region has aggressively moved from dashboards to predictive analytics, and now progressing towards digital analytics. Given the exponential boom in the volume, velocity, and variety (3V’s of big data analytics) of data generation through digital channels, the opportunity to analyze this data for significant business impact is unbelievable. Moreover, analytics is also the underlying foundation for digital transformation – whether for Omnichannel, customer experience, innovation on products and services, or even business transformation. The obvious and difficult question is, how to do that? IT, like always plays the role of a key enabler. Implementing analytics platforms that are agile, scalable, user friendly, and easily integrated with existing back end applications is key to success here; and again, IT executives are the ones expected to take a lead on this. This session will present a view on how analytics can be a game changer for successful DX implementations, the role of IT in understanding the users’ needs and platform evaluation, market trends, and best practices that IT leaders can look forward to adopt while embarking on their big data and analytics journey.

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IDC Overview

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Session 2: Transforming Today’s Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s Businesses

Changing business dynamics and competitive landscape are putting increased pressure on IT to innovate, be agile, and totally prepared to meet constantly evolving business needs. Business functions of the organizations are constantly innovating and aligning with ever changing demands of customers and internal stakeholders. Most of these changes are also impacting the IT infrastructure of organizations. This session presents a view on strategies adopted by Middle Eastern organizations to make their Infrastructure more agile by embracing cloud and optimizing their existing IT frameworks through the consolidation and convergence of their datacenters.

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IDC Overview

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Panel Discussion

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Session 3: Breaking the Silos and Taking an Integrated IT Security Approach

Several high-profile attacks in the form of DDoS, Ransomware, and Fishing have hit the regional organizations in the past few years. Unsurprisingly, IT security has become more important than ever before. Despite that, security is still often addressed in silos, and not holistically. Many attacks come from 'insiders', and the problem will only worsen if corrective measures are not taken. Organizations needs to look at security beyond the perimeter security, till the applications and end user layer, which is only possible an integrated approach for security is taken. This session will present trends, and analysis on the ever-evolving threat landscape, and recommend strategies that organizations can take to have a holistic approach to address IT security.

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IDC Overview

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End User Panel Discussion

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Session 4: Printing Innovations: Moving Beyond the Traditional

The printing industry has undergone a sea change in the past decade with the traditional idea and usage of printers undergoing a major shift. With digitization initiatives taking place across the region, the traditional usage of printed documents is facing a major decline as the industry increasingly moves toward managed print services, hybrid print technologies, and 3D printing. A new wave of possibilities is emerging in the wake of these printing innovations, adding to the overall innovation that is already taking place within the region's enterprise space. This session identifies the key developments taking shape in the printing industry and examines the implications for organizations of all sizes and from across the vertical spectrum

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IDC Overview

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End User Panel Discussion

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